Saturday, February 14, 2009

One more time, please? Why we don't need Big Coal and Nuclear?

Amory Lovins, from the Rocky Mountain Institute, once again makes a convincing pitch for the best solution to our electricity requirements. Micropower is that solution. A distributed network of small, local generating stations that combine power from many sources and avoid long-distance distribution over expensive grids. It's the most economically competitive solution and the best one for our environment and our security. Plus, it creates good long term jobs in manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Better still, micropower -- including wind, photovoltaics, and biomass -- offers technologies, unlike nuclear, that we can export without incurring intractable security and environmental hazards (and costs).

Here's Mr. Lovins' aricle, which appeared in the Freakonomics blog on the NY Times site: Does a Big Economy Need Big Power Plants? A Guest Post

Still not convinced? Take a deeper dive here: Renewables: Intermittency & Reliability

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