Friday, June 12, 2009

Mountaintop Removal: Tell Congress to End It

Mountaintop removal coal mining is a callous attack on our common heritage that will be mourned and condemned by future generations.

Do you want to responsible for that? I don't.

Join Ashley Judd and the Sierra Club in their battle to preserve the mountain vistas and verdant hollows of the Appalachians at:

This attack on our land provides us only 5% of the coal we burn, but poisons downstream residents and drives them from their homes, schools and workplaces. It wipes out animal populations for miles around where residents hunted and fished for generations. Once brilliant, rushing streams now ooze dark and toxic.

Let's put a stop to this profitable but mean-spirited insult to our heritage and progeny. It benefits no one but stockholders.

Contact your representatives, tell them to support The Clean Water Protection Act (H.R. 1310) and The Appalachian Restoration Act (S. 696). Tell them to end this, now.

Here's news on the latest EPA action: Obama Mountaintop Coal Mining Plan Disappoints Appalachian Advocates

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