Friday, February 5, 2010

Trade War vs. Culture War

A comment on Senator Fritz Hollings article in the Huffington Post, "Can we sustain?":

Bravo, Senator Hollings. I wish the President would impose that 10% tariff as Nixon did.

But with a feckless and cowardly Democratic Congress failing every time to get his back, I think there's little chance the President will succeed with any intelligent measures to combat the relentless offshoring of our prosperity and economic future. Too many greed-motivated bankers, and their Republican toadies, stand to benefit from it. Ever since President Reagan ran up record deficits and began the sell off of manufacturing jobs, we've been on this path toward impoverishment of the middle class, and concentration of wealth.

And still Republicans manage to align voters in their favor with division and distraction, while picking the pockets of wage earners and handing the ill-gotten gains over to the capitalized rich (as tax cuts). Middle class and poor Republican voters are being done to, but good, and Democrats still can't figure out how to tell that story. Trade wars just can't compete with culture wars in the minds of an intellectually lazy and ill-informed electorate.

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