Monday, August 23, 2010

Cut 2030 Oil Consumption In Half

The Union of Concerned Scientists, smart folks, have devised a plan that cuts U.S. oil consumption in half by 2030. This is a big deal. It saves us 13.9 million barrels of oil per day. Let's say the price of oil stays flat, which it won't, but we'll assume here that it does. Take 13,900,000 barrels per day x $80, you get: $1,112,000,000 ($1.112 billion) per day in savings. Since 60% of oil imports currently come from other nations, that's $667, 200,000 that were not depositing in foreign treasuries...every day, or $20 billion a month we keep at home. Now, think for a second: we create a bunch of jobs building the new infrastructure and vehicles required for this plan to work, and we save $20 billion a month.

Can you think of something better we could do with $20 billion a month than give it to another country? I can. Education comes to mind...for our representatives who got us in this mess, and the people who voted for 'em. All those domestic jobs would be nice, too. And no more oil spills...ah, I'm just dreamin'.

See the plan at the UCS site: National Oil Savings Plan
and then sign the petition.

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