Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do Something Real, Mr. President

A letter to the President, as requested by the Union of Concerned Scientists:

Dear President Obama,

We can use American ingenuity to end our dangerous dependence on oil. The Union of Concerned Scientists has developed a strong, comprehensive, science-based plan that can cut our projected oil use in half by 2030. Taking this step would keep billions of dollars in our economy, cut pollution, and protect our coasts from devastating oil spills. You can see the full plan here:

You were elected by Democrats and Independents, Mr. President. People who have wage-earning Americans' interests at heart, not capitalized investors in gated communities. Do something for people who work for a living, and do something to save this planet from a scourge of mass extinctions and economic displacement that will render the lives of future generation much less joyful and much less hopeful.

You must persuade members of Congress to put American citizens, and the planet ahead of their own parochial desire for reelection, and actually do so something real to obtain our energy supply from sustainable, renewable, domestic sources. Stop saying nice things, and then delivering watered down Potemkin plans. Do something real! That's why we elected you.


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