Saturday, March 20, 2010

Organizing for America Asked Me To Write A Note To My Representative...

...encouraging support for health care reform.

Here it is:

I'm a strong supporter of health reform because the U.S. is crumbling toward bankruptcy due to our perennial inability to adequately address any of the big issues that face us: export of our jobs, no energy policy, eroding environmental management, degraded food supply protection, and last but not least, pathetic provision of health care.

All of these problems occur because our politicians are beholden to venal corporate interests who perceive proper attention to these matters as impediments to profit. I hope you can prove me wrong on this one issue -- health care -- this Sunday, March 21. And then go further and bring us the public option, generic drugs...and finally, universal single-payer coverage. That, given how often I hear politicians praise the preeminence of our democratic governance, is the least you could do, considering the overwhelming popular support for decent health care.

Please see my message to you, along with the stories and photos of other Americans from your district and across the nation, at
or, read my vitriolic blog at

Thank you.

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