Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ruination of the Everglades...

 ... and other bright Republican Business Opportunities

 This story appeared in the New York Times, last week:
Deal to Save Everglades May Help Sugar Firm

And when I found out what a great job Governor Crist is doing on behalf of United States Sugar, I had to sit right down and write the good governor a letter:
Dear Governor Crist,

I want to thank you for your proud defense of the Everglades. Your courage is exemplary and typical of your party's indefatigable leadership. As steadfast, Republican, free-market acolytes so often do, you funnel public money into private hands with aplomb -- the filling of the United States Sugar, and Gunster Law coffers is no exception. I'm sure you are proud of this notable accomplishment, and I'm sure your family is, too. On down through the generations, your descendants can look back, and fondly reflect upon your selfless sacrifice, which turned that once useless, unprofitable, wasteland of drinking-water and wildlife into vast tracts of pollution riddled, over-sized monuments of McMansion indulgence.

Keep up the good work, Governor. We're all going places with you out in front.
 And then I couldn't resist posting a comment on the article, too:
Classic Republican behavior when public money is put at their disposal: socialized medicine for self-inflicted corporate injury. There are absolutely no limits to the volumes of taxpayer money Republicans are willing to funnel into the grossly negligent and blissfully incompetent hands of Republican businessmen who find themselves utterly incapable of running any manner of business, small or large, without public, socialized financial subsidy to rescue them from their own brilliant investment decisions. The solitude of jail is too good for Bush, Crist, Mieux, Buker, et al, but public humiliation -- if they are capable of feeling shame -- might be a good start. Thanks for an informative, but depressing story, Messrs. Van Natta & Cave.

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