Monday, March 8, 2010

Republican Business -- Ever Corrupt

Republican wizards of finance have found yet another means to defraud taxpayers and enrich themselves, whilst turning our natural landscape into an uninhabitable, open-sewer. Once again our nation's chief proponents of the free market, Republican politicians and business executives, extend their snouts into the public trough, as they run yet another business into the ground and bury it with debt. This time it's United States Sugar, in Florida. Here's the story:  Deal to Save Everglades May Help Sugar Firm.

And here's my comment:

Classic Republican behavior when public money is put at their disposal: socialized medicine for self-inflicted corporate injury. There are absolutely no limits to the volumes of taxpayer money Republicans are willing to funnel into the grossly negligent and blissfully incompetent hands of Republican businessmen who find themselves utterly incapable of running any manner of business, small or large, without public, socialized financial subsidy to rescue them from their own brilliant investment decisions. The solitude of jail is too good for Bush, Crist, Mieux, Buker, et al, but public humiliation -- if they are capable of feeling shame -- might be a good start.

Thanks for an informative, but depressing story, Messrs. Van Natta & Cave.

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